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, on the territory of ukraine, the president of the russian federation has not taken that decision. now, the how to get out of this situation, i repeat, as mr. eliason said quite correctly, we need cooler heads to prevail. and we have to get back to the political constitutional path. we need to go back to the agreement of the 25th of february and establish a national unity government. and we need to put an end to attempts to converse with opponents, ethnic opponents, political with force international events that have stirred up interest in ukraine that we need to sideline the radicals, and we have to -- with those opponents in kiev, they have to get away from the radicals. and they have to get back to the territory of ukraine. because such actions that they're taking could lead to very difficult developments, which the russian federation is trying to avoid. thank you very much, madam president. >> translator: i thank the representative of the russian federation. and i now give the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you, madam president. the united states renews our call
have special coverage today of our top story. the growing crisis in ukraine. the russian parliament has approved president vladimir putin to authorize the force in ukraine. this comes in a scheduled referendum for increasing its autonomy. for days we've seen armed men patrolling there. they're meeting to discuss their next step to discuss a mediation mission. the european union will address its discussion on monday. >>> what are the people expecting from the russians? >> you know, as the news broke that the russians have authorized the use of force, there is celebration here 60% of the population is ethnic russian, and they feel that the russians are protecting them. they felt a lot of unease about what is going on in kiev. they've been watching television reports for months calling the now government thieves, thugs, fascists. they have created roadblocks to protect themselves from these people. and we have seen armed men and their military uniforms with no distinguishing insignificant knee i can't iininsignificaninst building until a few hours ago. a lot going on here. and now with rus
by telephone hours after the russian parliament gave putin the okay to send troops into the ukraine. tonight the white house is warning the kremlin against what it calls the continuing violation of law. earlier the security team met to discuss u.s. options in a rare saturday session. while in ukraine itself there were growing signs that russia has already taken control over the crimea region. we have coverage today with bill neely in crimea. good evening, bill. >> reporter: yes, the crisis here in crimea is deepening, lester, so too, are worries about an imminent russian takeover. ukraine is certainly worried. the russian president has been put on alert. russian boots on the ground in ukraine. they're hiding their identities, their units are not marked. they are there to protect russia's interest. they have a naval base manned by thousands but many are now off base and in the streets right behind the russian speaking majority here, and there may be more, many more on the way. russia's parliament voted to approve the use of a russian force in ukraine. president putin asked for it, he got it u
. >>> president obama warned russia about sending military into ukraine. russian transport planes and helicopters were seen landing in eastern ukraine what appears to be a russian invasion and president obama's response. >> reporter: president obama issued a strong warning to russia not to intervene in ukraine. >> the u.s. will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: it was in response to reports russian armored personnel carriers and armed gun men in military uniform were seen. u.s. officials sea evidence of russian air and sea movements into and out of the region. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerri raised the issue with his russian counter part earlier friday. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossing a line in any way. >> reporter: meanwhile in russia, the ousted ukrainian president emerged for the first time since last week. he held a pres
of framework in the russian contusion and the agreement that his exist between ukraine and russia particularly a 1997 agreement in which they said that in there is any threat to security, in particular to that navel base i mentioned that russia can take steps to protect the security of the peninsula there. so there is some wording, but there has already been a lot of criticism about the way that they have jumped through hoops and used loopholes and legal ease to get the vote pass today make it look -- to basically put an official face on it. it wasn't a hard vote to get through. the upper house pretty much rubber stamped it but there will be a lot of looking at how they manage to justify this in legal terms, if, indeed they send more troops in eventually. >> phil reporting live from moscow tonight, thank you. >>> ukraine's prime minister has warned any russian intervention would lead to war. the new government in kiev has asked the united nations for helpful u.n. security council has been meeting this afternoon to discuss its next steps and for more on the challenges ahead let's go to nick sch
to the ukrainian interim president, basically to show u.s. support for ukraine not only with russian troops entering the area, but also with this political upheaval that's going on for several months, culminating in the ousting of president yatsenyuk, right now the u.s. has to show support, even as it answers russian military moves, it can also show it's pressure on russia by reporting -- ukraine is very fragile right now, it needs all this natural gas. by showing support for the ukraine, that's putting pressure on washington. >> fred, is standing by what's the latest there? >> reporter: the late zest that the russians are still waiting to see what if any troops movements they're going to see. the latest that we're hearing from the kremlin is that apparently at this point in time it's not clear what a decision has been made to use those forces yet. prime minister medvedev was on the phone with the leadership in ukraine, he assured them at this point in time the kremlin has not decided whether or not to actually deploy the forces that were ok'd today by the parliament, those forces don't nam
and mudslide. >> the crisis deeing in now in ukraine where the upper house of the russian parliament has approved vladimir putin's request to use force. this comes after a referendum on increasing autonomy. for days we have seen the russian military moving around the region. phil, the unofficial leader appeal to russia for help. is this why putin asked parliament to send in troops? >> reporter: all along they said should there be a cry for help from ukraine they would not ignore it. this vote today has been quite significant, and it's been fascinating to watch. let me tell you what's happened already. in less than an hour' debated this situation and avoted to approve action possibility of military force not in crimea but as it's worded in this document the territory of ukraine. now they have said in numerous debates that they are most concerned about crimea and the russian population there. but the way this is written is much loosing. it took less than an hour to vote for this, and they're talking about other motions including a number of issues concerning ukraine and also a number of is
the russian president is given permission to put troops in ukraine. vladimir putin warns of a threat for russians in the area. we're going to be going live to the capitol where we'll speak to rory in moscow, but first let's go to our diplomatic editor james bays. james, round two at the united nations. what are the expectations regarding the latest development? >> i think the expectations are pretty low. closed door meetings starting in an hour's time, and i think most people assume that it will be pretty similar to the meeting that took place 24 hours ago, but in an even more charged atmosphere. i think behind those closed doors you'll have denunciation of russian by western nations. you'll have russia fighting back. afterwards i expect to hear from key players speaking to the press. but i think its likely to be deadlock around the security council table. there is frantic diplomacy going on in other parts of the world, too. with regard to the u.n. there is an u.n. envoy robert suri who has been in ukraine. he tried to make a trip from ukraine to--or from kiev to crimea to try to med
that the russian military now controls the crimean peninsula. it's aggression is a threat to ukraine and the region's peace and stability. russia's latest action is yet another indicator that vladimir putin's hegemonic ambitions threaten u.s. interests and allies around the world." president obama today said the ukranian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future and he is in daily communication with russian officials. more of what we said. we made a late decision today to address the press in a briefing room. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports. >> this is just being reported as i drove over here. i don't want to confirm it yet. if it's true obviously it's a major escalation in what russia is doing inside ukraine. but even if it's not true, it's a very dangerous situation, extremely tense. >> here you have pro-russian forces who have been put into place. >> jim, obviously the fact that president obama himself spoke out about this underscores the concern within the white house right now. congressman mike rogers saying russian forces control crimea. what's the latest from you
country, and that is ukraine. we have seen some, but there may be more russian troops inside of the ukrainian borders and mostly in the crimea area to the south. they say they need production, but it is called a dangerous slide toward war. and throughout ukraine and not just crimea, there are protesters fighting with the crowds, and they have already toppled the highest level government. the ukrainian president left office and fled to russia. white house correspondent jim acosta is with me, and fred polite jen is in moscow, and we will start with jim. first the president made it clear that e he is going to stand with the international community in handling the message with ukraine, and it was a tough message in the 90-minute phone call? >> yes, it was a tough message and we know that the presidents spoke a week and a day ago, but developments have been move sog qui quickly in ukraine with the russian involvement that the president came down hard today in if statement. he said that the united states condemns russia's military intervention in the crimean territory, and i want t
the peninsula in the south. in the ukraine's russian speaking east protesters raised russian flags and clashed with the newly elected ukrainn government. while u.s. officials stopped short of calling putin's actions an outright invasion, russia flown thousands of troops to the region where leaders who have urged russia not to intervene. members of the u.n. security council gathered here for an emergency meeting to address the rapidly deteriorating nation in the schlaffic -- schlaffic nation -- >> and territorial integrity of the ukraine. >> reporter: president obama has already warned that quote there will be costs for russian military intervention and while a kremlin spokes person says that president putin has not yet to use force, the ukrainian government put its armed forces on full combat alert. alison harmaland, cbs news, new york. >>> president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin spoke by phone for about 90 minutes this afternoon, a rally taking place right now outside the white house. nicky burrdon is there. >> reporter: every single person told me they have a family membe
military in ukraine. russian military trucks and soldiers are making their presence 19 near the capital as they put their fleet on high alert. president obama warning there will be, quote, costs if russia decides on military intervention in ukraine. meantime, ukraine's interim president is calling for an emergency meeting of the security chiefs after the pro-russian minister in ukraine's region took control of the military and police there. russian troops now reportedly taking over the airports, demonstrators for both pro-russian and pro-european camps are gather once again. keep it right here on fox. >>> just as you are preparing to file them, some republican lawmakers looking to simplify them, pushing to reform our convoluted tax code from seven brackets to just two with a surtax on the rimp. they say it will unleash a new economic boom and, mellissa, you agree, huh? >> absolutely. the joint committee on taxation said it will add $3.4 million to the economy, it will create 2 million jobs over two years. it would add $1,300 to their pocket. it makes sense, walk isn't going to do it. th
vladimir putin's request to send russian forces into ukraine. >> want to get the latest from cnn's frederick pleitgen in moscow. fred, what are you hearing? >> reporter: very significant vote that happened there in the upper house of russian parliament. the vote as you said was unanimous, 89 of them for for the motion, zero against. the big question now, vladimir putin has the authority to send russian forces into ukraine. the big question now is, is this something they have done in retrospect or are the russians going to start sending forces right now. as you know, there have been reports in the past i would say 18 to 24 hours, especially from the ukrainian government, who said the russians have already flown forces into the crimean, into southern ukraine, which is the predominantly russian territory of that country. they talk of up to 2,000 forces potentially even up to 6,000 forces that might already be on the ground there. and also, the regional government there which is also pro-russian, has said that russian forces that are part of a military base that russia has in that re
, on the brink. the russians accused of an armed invasion under way right now in the ukraine. as the crisis takes a dangerous turn, late today, president obama warned vladimir putin there will be costs. >>> race against time. as the storm that looks like a west coast hurricane comes ashore, the flood emergency in southern california. there have already been evacuations and rescues amid fears the burn zone will give way. >>> and high drama. so many office drama pools are at stake, so much pride is on the line as the guessing game leading up to the oscars nears an end. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. >>> good evening. as you saw there, we have a storm approaching the u.s. west coast that is big enough to have an eye like a hurricane. and we will get to that story in just a moment. >>> but we must begin instead tonight with the fear that the situation in ukraine is perhaps approaching civil war. russian troops have been arriving by transport plane and by helicopter in the crimea region, many of them with their faces covered, wearing no insignia. if not an invasion, it certainly appears
@ajconsiderthis. cl >> ukraine in crisis. russian troops on the ground at president obama sends a message to the kremlin. >> the united states will stand with the ukrainians. >> cost of cold - plunging temperatures hikes up heating bills. why heating your home may get more expensive. [ ♪ music ] >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york city. >> president obama issued a warning to russia saying there'll be consequences for military intervention in ukraine, after reports of russian troops taking up positions around two airports in crimea. the cell phone footage shows russian helicopters entering an airspace which is ukraine's peninsula. moscow says it will defend citizens, many of whom areth -- are ethnic russians. this picture shows armed men entering is building. it's unclear if they are russian. >> one of the last bastions of support for viktor yanukovych. he fled the capital of kiev after months of protest. it's believed he travelled to crimea and jennifer glasse has more. >> crimea is closed. closed to commercial traffic. earlier in the day armed
... >> we begin with the cry i didn't say and reports of russian intervention in ukraine and the ukrainian leaders are accusing russians for sending in forces. the men wouldn't answer questions and the military uniforms without identifying marks and the flights in and out of the region are cancelled and the air space the closed. russia denied it moved forces into ukraine and insisting it is not violating the sovereignty and the fleet are for security and permitted. meanwhile viktor yanukovich held a press conference in russia and blaming the fall from the regime on a coup. the president spoke to russia and they are going to hon tor the sovereignty but the united states is deeply concerned about the russian movements in eukra e ukraine. >> the united states is standing with the international community confirming that are will be costs. >> we are going to kiev and nick schifrin and welcome to the show. russia is trying to provoke a military conflict and convened a meeting of the national security and defense council on friday night, what's the latest? is>> the latest they are still meeting a
today, president obama dressed tensions between ukraine and the russian federation and reports that russian troops were in the crimea region. he spoke to reporters in the briefing room for about five minutes. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days, the united states has been responding to events as they have unfolded in the ukraine. through this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental principle. the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies, we have urged an end to the violence and encourage ukrainians to pursue a course to forge a broad-based government and move to elections this spring. i also spoke with president putin. we have been in daily communication with russian officials. we have made clear they can be part of an international community effort to support the stability and success of a united ukraine going forward, which is not only in the interest of the people of the ukraine and the international community but also in russia interests. however, we are now deeply concerned
a warning to russia as what appear to be a russian forces move into crimea in ukraine. >> we are deeply concerned about reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside ukraine. the united states will stand with the international community affirming there will be costs for any russian movements in ukraine. >> i should be bringing you news tonight of a new $21 billion veteran benefit package signed today by the president. but i am not because that bill died in the senate yesterday when it failed to get the 60 votes it needed to overcome a filibuster. and you will never get which party killed it. i mean, we all know which party is on the side of veterans, right? they tell us all the time. remember when they all headed to the world war ii memorial during the government shutdown to complain that the other anti-vet party was shutting veterans out? >> i will go anywhere any time a veteran needs me and i can get there to help and i've done it my whole life. it's who i am. >> they deserve being able to get into this memorial. >> one of you who served our country, who risked
in ukraine >> pelley: as russian troops land in ukraine, the world waits to see if it's a military invasion. reports from david martin at the pentagon and clarissa ward in ukraine. a major winter storm brings flooding to the west coast, and the system will soon sweep across the country. reports from ben tracy and elaine quijano. jerry brown first ran for president in the 70s. is he ready to run again in his 70s? what's the difference between governor brown '75 and governor brown 2014? >> pelley: and steve hartman on the road. a little boy finds a small fortune and gives a stranger something priceless. >> i look at it every day. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting from los angeles. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. at this hour is appears russian militaries forces are crossing the border into ukraine. in a region of ukraine known as crimea. late today, president obama went on national television to warn russia against a military intervention. ukraine has been reeling since last week when a popular revolt led the president
russia. so on one hand the russians are still saying he's the president of ukraine, but they're also keeping him very much at arm's length. >> is there some sort of mediator that can calm this down? you heard from the spokesman of ban ki-moon saying that the secretary general will be speaking with putin shortly at the situation in ukraine. would he have any impact realistically on putin, ban ki-moon? >> that depends on putin. i mean there could well be a role for a mediation provided by the united nations or someone else if the russian is prepared to have this conference mediated. but what i find worrisome, you saw what happened last week in kiev after the ukrainian president fled. no one was talking about ending the russian bases, and instead, you had this escalation that looked like it was almost provoked by the russians. >>. >> former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. ambassador, thanks, very, very much for joining us, we're going to continue to watch the developments out of ukraine. the develop ments between russi and ukraine and the united states, much more after this. imagine if ever
russian forces inside of ukraine but you also of course had the duma requesting him to recall the ambassador from the u.s. so at this point in time of course this phone call is the main topic on russian media as well. and the kremlin did put out a statement as jim acosta just said. i want to read just a little bit of it. he said putin also stressed the presence of real dangers to the lives and the health of russians who are currently present on ukranian territory. putin stressed that in case of further spreading of the violence on the eastern regions of ukraine and crimea, russia reserves the right to defend its interests and the russian people -- the russian-speaking people who live there. so clearly they continue this narrative where they're saying they have the right to deploy their troops there. they've been granted the right to deploy their troops there. however they say they haven't done that yet. clearly of course the picture that we're seeing on the ground is a very different one. but i think it's very, very key that the russians keep stating the fact that they believe
. the russian dumema to approve the use of military force not in crimea specifically, but in ukraine. that puts everything in high gear. we are hearing that there will be an u.n. urgent meeting today in new york. the u.n. security council meeting probably in an hour. we have heard from the e.u. foreign ministers. they also will be holding an emergency meeting tomorrow in london the british foreign minister has made a statement saying that calls into question the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine potentially if military force is used. and calling the russian ambassador to britain to get an explanation of what is going on with russian maneuvers. just an awful lot we know in london there will be protests tomorrow. a lot of fast-moving developments here, and a lot of reaction in moscow. >> as far as russia is concerned, what is the reason for all of this? >> they have said that that they basically maneuvered lega legale and motions and constitutions in ukraine that says enable them to do this. the reason again for those--for this development i. now our colleague in al jazeera lawrenc
an agreement with ukraine on the presence of the russian black sea fleet or the base and we're acting within the framework of that agreement. >> the ukrainian government sees things differently. it fears losing control especially since the local autmuss government is now appealing to russia to intervene. >> recognizing my responsibility for the lives and the security of the people, i ask russian president putin to offer assistance in providing peace and order in the territory of the autmuss republic. >> so at the moment all signs point to confrontation. the ukrainian government has placed its troops on high alert and wants to show that it will not bow to the provocations from russia. or there's talk of thousands. >> well, there are reports that russian troops are on move throughout and i show pictures shot by ukrainian news agencies showing russian vehicles patrolling some villages nearby. and there are reports that another airport in the region was seized by armed men. here in the city center, the situation has changed as well. the governmental area was shut down for all traffic into, it's
armed forces of the russian federation in the territory of the ukraine. we were informed about the illegal crossing of the border by russian military transports, about 10 of them, arriving. 11 military cargo -- 11 military helicopters were also crossing borders, as well as the situation, the other situation. these are military attack helicopters, by the way, not transport, mi-24. we informed about -- just forgot the name. we informed, also, the brutal case of the russian navy officer moved his contingent when he was stopped and demanded to explain what was going on. he is a russian navy captain, who tried to explain his actions by recent decisions by the crimean authorities. i informed the security council about our extreme concern and expressed strong indignation regarding the recent post on the facebook page of the russian foreign ministry. i quote this posting. "instructions have been sent to the russian consulate general to undertake all necessary measures in order to stop the issue of russian passports to the police unit. this unit that was involved on the streets of kiev,
consecutive day with sergey lavrov, warning about a russian incursion and sovereignty of ukraine. then we heard from jay carney, a warning of grave consequences if russia were to go into ukraine. then suddenly about 5:00 eastern time, president obama appeared in the briefing room and here's what he had to say. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. russia has a historic relationship with ukraine clul cultural and economic including cultural and economic ties. anything incursion would be deeply destabilizing which is not in the best interest of ukraine or europe. >> there would be a cost if russia been into ukraine. what would be the cost? military intervention on the part of nato or the united states, completely out of the question. what is the other? sanctions? earlier i spoke with an official and they said they are considering, the sochi winter olympics just concluding there, likely not going to go if this situation continues. russians have already made overtures in the last several months about deepening trade
and unity of ukraine. >> can i ask you how you would describe the russian military movement in crime 83? do these act as a -- >> i'm not going to comment. you'll hear from the president shortly. we are deeply concerned by these reports, deeply concerned by what we see as the facts on the ground. and we urge russia to join us -- lping ukraine get on back on a path to a brighter future. > thank you very much. >> good afternoon. as you know, the members of the security council considered having an urgent meeting in response to a letter of -- [inaudible] >> go ahead. >> held an urgent meeting in sponse to a letter dated february 2014 by the permanent representative of ukraine to the president of the security council. the briefing and close consultations were held. the briefing was held by assistant secretary general who briefed the council members on the situation in ukraine. the council members reviewed with concern the recent developments in the country. during the concern was expressed for the ukraine and the council agreed on the importance of restraint by all the actors in the ukraine. th
with the breaking news. the united states believes that russian troops have entered ukraine. ukrainian officials are accusing russia of an armed invasion after hundreds of troops tried to take control of two airports in crimea. several builds have been seized and they are patrolling the streets. we have new video to show you. these are russian helicopters flying over crimea, which is the peninsula below the ukraine. this picture was posted on youtube. the president, just a short time ago, addressed the nation in an unexpected statement from the white house briefing room. he said the united states is, quote, deeply concerned by reports of russia's military movements. >> and just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games that would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. and, indeed, the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> all right. i want to get straight to the chief national security correspondent for us here at cnn, jim sciutto. jim, what are your sources tellin
for military intervention in ukraine. >> meantime, gunmen described as russian troops to control key airports in crimea on friday. kristen welker is joining me to talk about this. good morning to you. we hear the president might cancel plans to attend the upcoming g-8 in russia. what are you hearing on that? >> that's right. you heard president obama use the word costs in the statement. he was vague. you are right, u.s. officials say the u.s. and its allies are considering a possible boycott of the g-8 summit which will be hosted by russia, in sochi, the same place the olympics took place. this is days after officials here at the white house, this administration urging russia not to intervene in ukraine. the national security adviserer, secretary kerry, all worning russia it would be a grave mistake to intervene in ukraine when it appeared the diplomatic efforts were failing. president obama came out with a stern warning. here is more of what he had to say. >> throughout this crisis, we have been clear about one fundamental principal. the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to decide the
affairs. >> at this hour russian soldiers remain in control of ukraine's southern region of crimea. today the parliament i'm proved president putin's request to use force. the united nations had a special meet to go discuss this crisis. they are calling for u.n. to observe. president obama spoke to putin earlier toed urging him to withdraw his troops from ukraine. in the southern part that have country reu rus rush has ceased. crimea. >> reporter: the crimea prime minister asked hospital could you for help and he's getting. russia's decision authorize force in ukraine came as a surprise to much of the world. here in crimea at least, it's welcome news to many. jubilation in the crimean capital. the russians are coming. the as moscow endorsed the use of force, he would anything russians that are the majority here took to the streets. sporting the russian flag. >> translator: they are our protectors. there will be no military clashes she tells me. they are just here to guarantee our safety. >> reporter: beneath the statue of communist leader vladimir len up, russian and soviet military flags
on ukraine. now just to let you know, a majority of the population in crimea are ethnic russian. we're joined now from moscow, to tell us more about the session that we're looking at right now going in moscow. >> reporter: it's almost breathtaking how fast this situation is moving. earlier on, on saturday the lower house of parliament requested that putin step in and take decisive action in ukraine. about an hour ago vladimir putin then requested of the upper house that they allow military action in ukraine. now we have an extraordinary session of the upper house of parliament where they are going to be debasing and voting on just that proposal from the president. the way it's going to work is that they are have an statement and announcement to the presence within two days. now i can't imagine that it will take as long as that for them to reach their decision. we've had a succession of speakers taking the podium over the last 20 minutes or so, and the message has been absolutely unanimous. every one of the people who has got up has spoken about their approval, the need for russia to take a de >> a possible russian military intervention would be bad news for ukraine and unsettling to say the least for the global economy. we will explain. plus new data reveal that u.s. growth has been slowing down again. weather is a problem, and that was before the next winter storms coming this weekend. and the new hockey arena in detroit that developers believe could help save the city. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi. and this is "real money." >> this is "real money," and you are the most important part of the show. join our live conversation for the next half hour on twitter, /aj real money. this has been another day of uncertainty in ukraine. a small country that plays a pivotal role to economic giants. the instability of ukraine and the di ployment of russian troops, in the crimea region of ukraine. one quarter of western's natural gas is supplied by iran, and half of that goes through ukraine pipeline network. any disruption would hit germany hard which depends on gas to run its factories. as it stands russian officials say they need $15 billion this spr
of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the ukraine. clear, direct message to the russian president vladimir putin. russian troops are already in at least small numbers are already in crimea. christiane amanpour is joining us from lontd right now. christianne, it seems that the president of the united states issues a strong warning, now the unsecretary general, there's been emergency meetings involving the president's top national security a advisers in the white house. we anticipate a statement coming from the who is very soon. this situation seems to be escalating very dramatically and not in the right direction. wolf, you're absolutely right, it's absolutely alarming what russian is down, and direct warnings from the u.n. secretary general, from all the western and security council governments direct warning not to intervene in ukraine, a sovereign nation under which 1994 treaty, russia is bound not to intervene and bound to respect his territorial integrity. they haven't taken a decision on whether to accept the clearly staged russian parliamentary vote to call for intervention in crimea
spoke out just two hours ago on the deteriorating situation in ukraine. news of russian troops on the ground spooked the markets and the rest of the west much we'll have a live report just ahead. >>> national outrage grows over new york city mayor de blasio's decision to pull the plug on high performing charter schools. millions of minority families see charter schools as the only way out of educational and economic poverty. >>> a new study seems to show sec staffers are selling stocks just before sec investigations of those companies are announced. either way, here's the big question. why are sec staffers allowed to trade individual stocks at all? all those stories much more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> welcome to "the kudlow report". i'm larry kudlow. we're live here at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. two in one crimea, the ukraine where 2,000 russian troops moved in and what new government in kiev is calling an arms invasion. nbc news steve handelsman joins us now with more. good evening, steve. >> reporter: good evening. headline is definitely those
-- russian occupation in ukraine to end. they must stand down. has notmir putin decided whether a large military operation should take effect. some argue that he already has. deidre bryant, abc news, new york. >> back here in the district, it was a busy day or protest. dozens of people were there to be hurt on the situation in venezuela. they called on president obama to support democracy forces. weeksple have died in two from student led protests. government forces arrested dozens of people including several journalists. minister has called the protest a washington-back to. -- -backed coup. the total number of homicides this year is up to 25. it is a higher number compared to last year. spoke to a detective a few moments ago. they talked about all four cases, including the last one to be confirmed. audrey mcintyre was killed earlier. we talked to the mother of another victim who said that her son died far too young. billy harris was back on track. he had recently left a homeless rehab for a and moved in with his mother. >> he had made so much progress. it is a ansitional home. quite ea
in russian, the out offed president vows to fight for ukraine. >> tonight, explosive allegations out of ukraine. the new government in kiev accusing russia of an armed invasion in the crimea region. signs that troops are moving in from russia. washington is talking with its allies in europe about consequences and ukraine's defense minister says radical groups are planning new activities in ukraine. our in-depth coverage begins in the southeast of ukraine. in the capital of crimea. jennifer glasse, defense minister says there are operations what he calls radical forces in the works. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, john, tonight in crimea, the air space is choafd closed. we see a lot of armed men around here in the last day. th started in the middle of the night last night taking over sevastopol airport which is a military airport, they look very well trained, no military insignia, no identifying marks on their vehicles either. military trucks moving on the roads of crimea, certainly from the capitol and sevastopol, that is the headquarters of russia's black sea neat. we can
, breaking news tonight. president obama finally addressing unrest in ukraine appears to be a russian invasion of the crimea peninsula. as many as 21 mission -- and military aircraft carrying 2,000 soldiers across the ukrainian border entering a the crimean peninsula. waiting for the russians to stay out president obama finally breaking his silence spending less than three minutes briefing the white house press corps. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and integrity would be deeply destabilizing which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia, or europe or represent matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of russians' commitment to accept the independence and sovereignty of the borders of the ukraine and international law. just before the world came to russia for the live bait games to invite the nations around the world but united states will stand with the international community there will be cost for military intervention. lou: officials confirmed they see evidence of air and maritime movement into crimea by forces. after they
developing in the ukraine, russian troops on the move. and now a stern warning from president obama. >> barging into hotel rooms, but are these bay area cops corrupt? why an attorney says being rough and tough is a necessary evil for undercover officers. >> oh, my god! [ crying ] >> i never thought i would see my house again. >> on life support after coming down with the flu, how a comatose woman bounced back from the very brink of death. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. >>> now at 6:30 a live look outside san francisco. it's been a day of flooding, strong winds, power outages across the bay area and the rain is not over. >> let's check our hi-def doppler radar. pockets of heavy rain right now. and the downpours could drench the bay area off and on throughout the night. add to that even a chance of thunderstorms. >> miller avenue was shut down during high tide. cars are slowly crawling by eastbound. >> in san jose highway 87 at taylor street was flooded this morning. the lanes have since been reopened but there's still plenty of standing water. >>
is warning russia there will be costs if they intervene in the ukraine. his comments come as russian helicopters and troops are on the move in and around crimea. crimea is part of the ukraine but it has deep ties to russia. >>> today russian ships and transport planes arrived with unknown cargo and hundreds of troops. ukraine's u.n. ambassador tells the security council heavily armed russian forces have seized crimea's main airport and other government buildings. ukraine's new interior minister calls the situation an invasion. and tonight, there are warnings coming from the white house. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizes, which is not in the interests of ukraine, russia or europe. >> a little background here. there's been a popular revolution in ukraine but the ousted president insists he is still the legitimate leader. a controversy. he is asking russia to bring order to the chaos. there will be much more on the story tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30. >>> a war brewing in wine country but a bay area businessman d
to send troops into the ukraine if a unanimous vote seems like a formality. ukraine officials say russian military intervention is well under way in what is described as an ongoing invasion of cream creama. what ten you what's happening in the ukraine's crimea peninsula? >> tensions are increasing here. yesterday armed russian-speaking men took over two key airports here, one the main airport for regular people and the other a very strategic military airport for russia who maintains a fleet here. yesterday armed masked gunmen who are russian-speaking took over regional parliament in crimea here. they lowered the ukrainian flag and raised russia's. they basically got rid of the kiev government and instituted their own prime minister who feels like they are going to be persecuted because of the new government in ukraine. he personally asked russian president vladimir putin for help because the russians who are here, which is basically 60% of the people who are are russian speaking and ethnic russians for help. they feel like they are going to be persecuted because of the new government. the
in ukraine. he's been given a green light by his own parliament to send in russian troops in ukraine's strategic region of crimea, those troops are now on the ground this as protests turn violent. ukrainians choosing sides and stirring up renewed fears that the nation could be split in two. we'll have a live report from the hear where the showdown is now taking place. >>> all of this comes after president obama warned moscow there will be, quote, costs if russia sends in military forces. this is a warning that he appears to be ignoring, though, so what does the u.s. do? we're going to check in with governor mike huckabee and colonel oliver north. >>> plus, parched from a drought and now parts of california are drowning too much rain. we'll take you live to california where people are fleeing their homes out of a fear of mud slides. >>> hello, everybody, i'm uma pemmaraju, america's news headquarters live in the nation's capital starts right now. >>> and we begin with the breaking news out of ukraine. events there are changing by the hour. the latest, russian president vladimir putin
federations approved a request of president putin for russian forces to be used in ukraine and i quote, pending the normalization of the public and political situation in that country, end quote. at the same time, in this fluid situation, however, there are some encouraging signs. one of them is the reported announcement from kiev just now about the intention to broaden the government to include representatives from eastern ukraine. we are also noting that the cause for dialogue among all interested parties both inside and outside of ukraine appear to be resonating. referring to the secured council discussions yesterday about the fact-finding mission and his possible visit to crimea, he was in touch with the authorities of the autonomous republic of c ri mea. he came to the conclusion that a visit to crimea today was not possible for law jess stick cal reasons. -- for law gist cal reasons. if he had traveled to crimea he would have conveyed a message for all to calm down the situation and to refrain from any actions that could further escalate an already tense environment. he will trav
and the oscar goes to ... >> we begin with the ongoing crisis and reports of russian intervention in ukraine. ukrainian leaders accuse russia of staging and armed invasion friday after uniformed men took up positions where the black sea naval fleet is based. flights in and out of the region have been cancelled. the air space is closed. the u.s. coast guard in crimea is bokd b blocked by russian navies. security and permitted under bilateral agreements. deposed president viktor yanukovych held a press conference, blamed his ousting on a military coup. >>> after more military mooch moves by russia were alleged president obama told reporters the united states was deeply concerned by reports of russian military movements in ukraine. >> it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws and indeed the united states will sand with the intrucial community in frirming -- international in affirming that there will be consequences in ukraine. >> nick schifrin, good to have you on the show. says russia is trying
and their families. >> into hello again. the top stories op al jazeera. the pro-russian leader of the ukraine's crimea region is taking control of military and the police. he's asking russia's president vladimir putin for help. unidentified soldiers regarding roads leading to the parliament building. international concern for the crisis in ukraine is growing. russia warned against military intervention in crimea. the u.n. security council called for urgent mediation. >> in venezuela there has been confrontation between security forces and anti-government protesters. students in caracas threw petrol bombs at police, who responded with tear gas. >> the crisis in ukraine. alexi is a political analyst and says russia is flexing its muscles in the region. >> it would be too risky for russia to start large-scale conflict in ukraine. i would like to stress that there's no mention about civil war in the ukraine. ukrainian parliament is legitimate. it's a new government that is legitimate. the company is integral. there's no risk of civil war. what russia is provoking now, in crimea, is actuality the
into the ukraine today. sources tell us approximately 2,000 russian troops may have landed at a military base near the city. ukraine special representative described it as an armed invasion, an occupation. president obama issued this warning from the white house. >> just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games and would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> the troops that took over two airports and the television station in cremlia russian ambassador to the u.n. appeared dismissive. >> is russia willing to militarily intervene in ukraine to achieve your political goals? [ laughter ] this is -- really, even the question is aggravating. >> rush sharks of course, sits on the security council and will veto any condemnation of its alleged actions in ukraine. we also are hearing that president obama may, in fact, cancel an upcoming visit to sochi for the g-8 summit. is he talking to europe leaders scheduled to take p
of developments in ukraine. president obama tells russian president vladimir putin to stay out of ukraine. this comes after russian troops occupied key airports. americans should put off any nonessential travel to ukraine. mean while the president is considering whether it will head to the g-8 summit in sochi. in venezuela, the death toll is rising as protester clash with police there. officers claim the man was a thief. people are protesting things like inflation, crime and shortages of many basic goods. meantime you could see protesters outside the white house today, the protesters are going to a call for peace in venezuela. organizers have told everyone to dress in black. the event's facebook page says the demonstration will be a peaceful one. >>> also happening today, a public celebration for late teacher and coach who led one high school football team for almost half a century. he will be remembered at a celebration of life event today. for 43 years, harville coached football leading the team to two titles. today's event starts at 3:00. >>> chopper 3 was high above when firefighters
unanimously approved sending troops to ukraine. russian military trucks and soldiers are already making their presence very well known in the crimea capital. they are taking control of the airports there and they are putting their black sea fleet on high alert. president obama's warning will will be cost if russia decides on military intervention. the kremlin is now expected to expected to recall the u.s. ambassador to the u.s. ukraine's interim president is bracing for military action calling for an emergency meeting of the security chief. some of those members are now calling for a general military mobilization after russia's announcement as foreign ministers in the eu schedule an emergency meeting of their own in brussels, belgium. that's expected to take place on monday. i'm jamie colby. i will have the latest coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel inside america's news headquarters. >>> some residents in california on edge this week after a threaten grag petey was spray painted on several homes and a car like these bashing the so-called 1%. this one saying "kill peop
by the russian federation inside of ukraine. russia has an historic relationship with ukraine, including cultural and economic ties. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. it would represent a profound interruption. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws. and just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> there will be costs. president obama not pledging today to go it alone in a fight against russia over ukraine, but saying russia will effectively be crossing an international red line if they move militarily into another sovereign country. it kind of looks like russia is moving militarily into another sovereign country. crimea is a very pro-russian part of u
in the last few hours that paved the way for possible russian troops in the ukraine. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> tale of the tape. 911 calls from the four days of george washington bridge gridlock. what effect does this have on the probe into members of chris christie's administration. >>> a frantic rescue caught on tape after an avalanche roars through a neighborhood. why is one person calling it incredible anyone came out alive. >>> and wasted. the shocking numbers behind a new study on how much food americans throw away. >>> hello, everyone, it's high noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." breaking news out of russia, where the russian parliament has approved vladimir putin's request to use troops in the crimea region of ukraine. putin says the move is needed to protect a russian military base there, as well as ethnic russians living in the region. let's go to nbc's jim maceda with the very latest on this. jim, let's get the latest. are we seeing something that could be another cold war brewing here between the u.s. and russia, ultimatel
concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the united states will stand with anyone against whom there are such actions. >> all right, simon, you heard the president's statement tonight. he says there will be costs. what did that mean? >> well, i think like so many other people watching the statement, my reaction when it ended was, is that it? i mean, he says there will be costs, he did not delineate the costs from the white house. afterwards his advisers were briefing reporters and saying it may mean that we'll terminate trade discussions with russia. it may mean that president obama will not attend the g 8 summit due to be held in russia in a few weeks' time. but does anybody seriously think that is a proportional response to what we've witnessed in the last 24 hours? in essence, the beginning of the annexation of the crimean forces? i don't know anyone who believes that is an appropriate response. >> others came out, said we support the president and stand ready in a bipar
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